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Blog: Stagnating Development

Veröffentlicht in v3.50 Brisbane von Der olle Schwoebel | Tue 12th March 2013, 00:25
To be short: Not much changed since last year, I earned a lot experience in several aspects and got a lot of inspiration in order to implement cool stuff for the current/next HPD version, but as always I'm missing the time to do it.
I started my Master studies in Bamberg and looking forward already to be finished by this time next year - and if I had to predict, I'd say that there will not be much progress with this project.
In fact, I got a slightly more interesting project going on - which is a bit related to this system:
SHIN Solutions or rather its flagship - an interpreter-based app-framework which obtains its content completely from an online-server, thus the content can be changed at runtime (which is very nice in regard to Apple and App-Update-Policies).
The online-backend is somehow based on HPD, but mostly based on OO PHP - the first bigger project of mine which does.
However, so long for a status-update. I guess by this time next year might be a slight chance for better news to announce.
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