v3.00 Hoedown Alpha

New version of HomePH Design.
Alpha and "untested" by uninvolved betatesters, but strongly recommended (rather than v2.10 Bonrevox)
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Name Veröffentlichung Downloads
Popup v3.00 Alpha 2 Build 1 Oct, 31st 2010 (Sun) 1657
Popup v3.00 Alpha Build 9 Sep, 26th 2010 (Sun) 1608
Popup v3.00 Alpha Build 8 Jul, 16th 2010 (Fri) 1619
Popup v3.00 Alpha Build 7 Jun, 21st 2010 (Mon) 1663

v2.10 Bonrevox Release Candidates (2008)

Stable Releases of Bonrevox (but not "Final" yet)
For archived versions look at the HomePH Design Archive
Name Veröffentlichung Downloads
Popup v2.10 RC3 Update 1.27 Sep, 18th 2008 (Thu) 1475
Popup v2.10 RC3 [Installer] Sep, 18th 2008 (Thu) 1518