TBA: New release HomePH Design v3.5 "Brisbane"

Veröffentlicht in v3.50 Brisbane von Der olle Schwoebel | Sat 11th February 2012, 09:45
New year, new news: First, I think I'll make all announcements from now in English.

Now before all of you jump off their seats and begin to dance (for some reason I'm pretty sure that won't happen anyways...), it is not completely certain yet, if there will be a new major release of HomePH Design in the next months (or even during the year). But there is a pretty good chance, the development will continue and will do a big step.

I have to confess that the further development of HomePH Design in the last months was my lowest priority, the last time I took a deeper look into the code was in the last quarter of 2010. But as a public preview of Windows 8 will come out in the end of February, a brand new version of HomePH Design might get published that indeed might be the best release ever (*if* published).
There are big plans for development that will result in some rather big refactorings:

  • URL Rewriting:
    What is known under this rather technical term, is a cool thing that might be known from many popular websites: Instead of having "ugly" links like index.php?module=forum&forum_id=29&aml;topic_id=29&entry=3 the URL can also be entered as /forum/29/3. This is a rather big refactoring, as all links have to be changed.

  • News-System:
    With releasing v3 "Hoedown", the modules "News", "Photoblog", and "Weblog" were merged into a new universal module "Blog". Also categories were introduced, so the blog-entries could be arranged. But current events lead to the decision, that this isn't sufficient. With the new release, there might be sub-categories that can have any order. More importantly, these categories should have more complex write-permissions for several groups - at this moment, in the "Blog"-module only global permissions can be set.
    The blog-module might be left as it is, in addition a new module will be released that is optimised to be used as "News-system", hence multiple categories with any sub-categories and granular permissions.

  • User Groups:
    With v3 "Hoedown" the user-groups were made more user-friendly already by introducing the possibility to create own groups and arranging them in any order. With the new release this will be extended: It should be possible to create hierarchy-steps, hence groups can exist on the same level.
    This is needed, because currently a group that is above another group, inherits all its permissions. Just one example were this could be problematic:
    In the new module "News-system" there are two groups with exclusive write-permissions to exactly one group, they don't have any write-permissions in the other group. But there is a "superuser" that has write-permissions in both groups. Furthermore you can imagine that this goes on in a further hierarchy-step, so the two categories are only a subset.

    With the current user-group-system this is not possible, as the hierarchy has only one dimension, so each group has exactly one superior group and exactly one inferior group. A superior group inherits all permissions from a inferior group - hence there can't be two groups that have exlusionary permissions among each other, because one group always is superior.

  • Mighty Template Engine:
    This point is not sure yet (well, nothing of the points above is sure, as it is required to begin with a new development branch in the first place). On the one hand, offering a new template-engine could mean, all old templates can't be used any more and need to be updated. But even more important: The template-engine needs to be very efficient, the mightier it is, the more resources are needed. This is a critical design matter.
    Also, the requirements for such a template-engine need to be defined which is a lot of work.

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